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From: Mathieu Mariole
Melbourne, Australia
Re: Zero Cost Clients.

Dear Friend,
I’m a specialist at doing something no one else can do in the hypnotherapy space. I can provide booked hypnotherapy sessions for quit smoking & weight loss without picking a phone, doing a consultation or spending money on advertising.

In short this means more clients, more referrals and more upselling of your other services through clients we send to work with.

Every therapist has been promised the world by marketing companies, the issue is either the leads are useless or in most cases the therapist cant convert because you aren’t sales people. . .

I’ve run a marketing model before, it’s tiring. So the difference is now I’ll pay you to work with clients. You might be thinking, “where’s the catch?”, “this is too good to be true?” or “what’s in it for you?”… And honestly you’d be a fool if you WEREN’T asking those sorts of questions.

  1. Firstly as mentioned before we’re paying you to work with our clients. All payments from the client come to us and we pay you the therapist separate to keep things simple (This is done by direct bank transfer or paypal).
  2. Secondly obviously we charge the client more than the therapist, we take on all the risk and spend the money to acquire the client.

Here’s the offer. . . It’s insane.

If we believe you’re the right fit after our 10-15 minute phone call then we’ll book in some extra clients for you at a time you’re free. No conflict with your existing schedule because we’d fill in empty spots.

How fair is that?
If you can find another marketer in the ENTIRE COUNTRY who can do that, I’ll eat my hat.

Time is VERY MUCH “Of the Essence”

Because of the incredible amount of time we put into every company we work with, we’re exclusive with clients meaning we only service one therapist per county / city. This ensures some clients every month, I can’t stress that enough, once the spots have been filled, they are filled. It’s impossible to take on any more.

And as a result, we’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria you must meet in order for us to proceed.

  • You MUST have an office to see face to face clients.
  • Use our proven quit smoking hypnosis script.
  • Have the appropriate certifications to work with clients.

The next steps

First you’ll need to hit the button below and you’ll be taken to an application form it’s simple.
I just need to get an idea of your business and vice versa.

Second, once you fill out the form we’ll get on the phone 1 on 1 and go over the estimated amount of clients we’ll send you.

Click on the button below to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

Yes! I want to grow my business